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Healing Crystals & Stones

by Mani Zone

Our fascination with the beauty of stones goes far beyond visual pleasure. For thousands of years man has believed that the earth, its oceans and the life within provides us with stones, crystals and pearls which act as positive conduits on the human psyche and body.

Sophisticated societies around the globe and through the ages have consistently believed that stones harnessed the very power of the earth manifesting as elemental nature spirits. And, because they work with positive energy channels these elements were perceived only as forces for good. It was also thought that as stones provided positive energies they simultaneously withdrew the negative and returned body and soul to a state of homeostasis. This exchange of energies results in stones and pearls being utilized only for the purpose nature intended - to provide absolute benefits.

Mani Zone present one of the most diverse ranges of stones available which are intended to strengthen your spiritual and physical being. Our exclusive catalogue includes, crystal stones, Mustika pearls, Chakra and Bezoar stones which are sourced mainly from the ancient world in Malaysia and the Indonesian Archipelago.

Whether you are looking for emotional sanctuary or curative assistance, within our range of healing crystals, Mustika pearls or Bezoar stones, you are sure to find that extra special something to meet your requirements.

As you browse our extensive catalogue you will be amazed at the magnitude of fine pearls which emanate from nature and harness the power of the earth and animals.

Some say the energies contained within these stones originates from the planet itself. Others believe the powers emerge from the Gods of life or elemental fairy spirits. But, whatever your beliefs, you can be certain they coincide with those of the ancients from great civilizations. Stones, crystals and pearls have been sought, venerated and used as part of magical rituals throughout the ages. They have been carried for protection against the elements and aggressors and worn as talismans for luck.

Whether you are a returning customer or new to our site what you will find is a collection which provides you with an extensive selection of these revered and rare artifacts. Stones and pearls which can be used, as our ancestors did before us, to drain illness or other negative spiritual forces from the body and replace them with energizing potency.