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The Thunderbolt Totem indicates strength magic and electric energy. Just like the natural wonder of the thunderbolt which occurs in nature, the pearls pick up the electrical charge present in the air when ever thunder occurs. Thunder and lighting always occur together. Thunder is associated with the God Thor and the ruler of Mount Olympus, Zeus. Thunder demands our attention, respect and interest. Thunder frightens some, intrigues others, but is not ignored by any.

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Oct 5, 2016 1:41:11 AM By bassfeen bassfeen The, Thunderbolt, Totem, Powers, Virtues, Mustika, Elemental Energies

Dew pearls come from many different sources. Each of these pearls is as unique as the source they were obtained from. They are a gift from nature and they are exquisite and rare to behold. Dew pearls possess many virtues that will add luster to the life of one fortunate enough to obtain it. Dew pearls are often associated with Sprites and Fairies and are said to be the secret of their eternal youth and exquisite beauty.

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Oct 5, 2016 1:34:22 AM By bassfeen bassfeen The, Dew, Totem, Powers, Knowledge, Small, water, Mustika, Pearl, Elemental Energies

Without the water element there would be no life. As one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind, water keeps all things on Earth healthy and sustained. Water can be the fresh drinking type, as such that can be found in lakes, streams and ponds, or it can be salty as is the seas that cover the world, which support the multitudes of water creatures that exist on our planet. It comes in many forms, ice is frozen water and snow is crystallized water. The human body is made of fifty to sixty percent water and we need ample amounts of it to be physically fit and vital. Water is mutable, constantly moving and represents the life force; it can be as clam and still as a tranquil pond or powerful and awe inspiring as the great and powerful oceans.

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Oct 5, 2016 12:52:16 AM By bassfeen bassfeen Water, Elemental, (Water Deva), Water, energy, Psychic, Abilities, female, Elemental Energies
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