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The Rambutan is a small fruit mostly found in South East Asia in the Archipelago and Hawaii. It is characterized by its unique form of long reddish spines, which look deceiving sharp, but which are really very soft and flexible. Inside this exotic, protective, shell lays a sweet, succulent fruit, with opaque white flesh and a distinctive taste. Rambut means “hairy” in Malay.

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Honey is product of all the bees’ hard work and diligence. It is usually deep golden color and clear rather than opaque, but can also be nearly colorless and sometimes cloudy in appearance, and a dark rich brown. Honey is thick, sweet and was loved by the gods for its distinct flavor and healing properties. In fact Mead, a rich, sweet, Honey wine was said to be the “Ambrosia of the Gods” or the “Nectar of the Gods.” Mead, or Honey Wine, has been produced for centuries. The word Honeymoon is said to have been derived from the practice of Mead being a favored dowry offering to new grooms from the bride’s father.

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One of the strangest rarities of Nature occurs in the coconut, a plant that is as old as Time and has been documented to exist as far north as Norway and south as New Zealand. Its fruit, on rare occasions, produces the coconut pearl, gems so rare that once they were only presented to Maharajahs in Asian cultures. The pearls are usually brilliant white which represents both spirituality and wealth.

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