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The Fascinating Art of White Magick And Magick Spells

Those who practice the religion of witchcraft, also known as Wicca, are often misunderstood. Many who are uneducated about this tradition believe that they practice black magick, however this is not the case at all. White magick and spell casting, however, are quite acceptable and largely practiced by most Wicca’s. White magick is an everyday part of their lives and traditions. The term white magick simply refers to the idea that the magick spells associated with it are meant to improve the life of the person casting the spell or those the magick spell is cast for. It is a relatively new term that started in the late nineteenth century as all witches were considered to practice black magick until much later in history when it became generally recognized that not all those who call themselves witches can be considered malevolent. In fact, the opposite is true and most true Wicca’s do not engage in any form of black or dark magick. Most white magick is learned over a period of time and involves a strong foundation in pagan worship and study of the power of the Earth and nature. The moon, sun and seasons play a major role in when and where spells are cast and how they are employed. The use of herbs, candles, crystals, oils, stones, wands and other elements may or may not be involved with magick and magick spell casting in this regard.

Magick spells are simply recipes for having the casters will come to fruition. While many believe that this requires a great amount of educated skill and practice other schools of thought believe that there are those who are natural witches and need only to tap into their reserves of ability to be able to cast magick spells. White magick is highly preferable over black magick for many reasons. White magick brings positive forces into action and brings good experiences back to the one casting the magick spell. On the other hand, seeking to hurt others for revenge, personal gain or pure malevolence will also bring these energies back to the caster of the magick spell. Some people refer to this as Karma, but Wicca’s call it the Law of Threefold Return.

There is much controversy and debate as to whether white magick and magick spells are something tangible and real or if it is something conjured up by primitive people to explain odd events in nature and life. Whether magick is real and something that can be learned like riding a bike or playing an instrument is entirely up to the individual’s beliefs and thoughts.

There are many valuable resources on the internet and in the library and book stores on the subject of white magick, magick spells and the Wicca religion. It is entertaining reading and the history of the topic alone is enough to make it a worth while endeavor to research and read about. In any case magick, magick spells and the possibilities it unfolds to the imagination are very enticing, even to skeptics. Some people are of the opinion that believing in magick is no different than believing in any other thing that cannot be seen or proved. Multitudes of people believe in the power of talisman and protective items. They wear them in the form of jewelry like the Italian horn, Greek evil eye charms, crosses, religious metals and the like. It could be argued that those who wear or carry these items believe in the magick or protection they provide, in this regard they are not so different from believing in any other kind of magick or divination.

While many people prefer their magick in the form of talisman or good luck charms, still others rely on crystals, rocks, stones and gems to bring them good luck and good fortune. This in itself is a form of belief in magick as it puts belief in something unknown. Many people have found Mustika pearls or stones to be helpful as use for talisman or to bring magickal elements into their lives. These items are very interesting and are said to have many virtues and properties that people find helpful and beneficial. They are similar to crystals and other items considered magickal and mystical. Again, whether these types of items hold any magickal power that can enhance your life and improve it, is for you and you alone to decide.

Oct 26, 2016 8:08:11 AM By Zahir Karbani Mani Zone


Manizone Purveyors of Fine Mustika Pearls & Bezoar Stones

Of Magick and Black Magick

The idea of performing magick and has fascinated human beings for centuries. The practice is not only an art but a deeply misunderstood and long established religion. There is much confusion among many people concerning the differences between Wicca, magick and black magick. These different species of practice should never be confused. True Wicca’s do not practice anything resembling black magick or attempt to harm others with their faith or beliefs. Wicca’s essential practice a pagan religion that looks to the Earth for guidance and the basis for its practices and traditions. Because of the secrecy that was often the case involving Wicca groups or covens, they acquired a reputation of being involved in dark or black magick. This is not, however, the case. The reasons for their secrecy was often due to misconceptions and fear that came from those who practiced other religions such as Christianity, Catholicism and Judaism. Fear of something that the masses considered strange or different created many rumors and false accusations that lead those who practices this ancient pagan belief to go underground, so to speak. While those who practice black magick exist and have always existed, this is not a widespread or accepted practice of those who claim Wicca as their faith.

Wicca’s have a strong belief in what is called the “Law of Threefold Return,” which simply means that what ever you do to others that is good or bad will return to you triple fold. Thus, the idea that Wicca’s practice black magick is contradictory to their base traditions. They live by the idea that if they cause harm to others that harm will be returned to them three times over. Black magick exclusively includes harming others in some form or another, so this is not something that true witches consider to be a healthy or worthwhile practice. Of course, as said, there are always some who feel that they will not be accountable or suffer for harm they cause others, but this is a dangerous way of thinking that ultimately catches up with the practitioner of black magick.

Magick has many powerful uses if one desires to employ them and take the time to learn how to properly learn the art of magick. Prayer, rituals and casting or the most common methods of using or creating magick spells. A great many people who don’t necessarily believe in “magick” as it is depicted in fiction and films such as Harry Potter, will still admit to believing in psychic readings or tarot card readings. These practices, while not necessarily considered magick, could be thought of as a form of magick in their own right. Many have experienced tarot card readings that were truly on target in regard to past, present and future events. These experiences often change people’s minds about the use of magickal means to predict future events and help guide them when making decisions. Still others find the entire idea of magick and anything remotely related to it as fanciful thoughts reserved for children and people they consider strange and unusual. The best offence if you are on the fence about your beliefs in magick and other related practices is to learn more and research the topic as much as possible. The best way to make a decision about anything unknown, is to learn as much about it from all points of view so that you can decide for yourself if they are worth pursuing or not.

Many people prefer their magick in the form of talisman or good luck charms. Still others rely on crystals, rocks, stones and gems to bring them good luck and good fortune. This in itself is a form of belief in magick as it puts belief in something unknown. Many people have found Mustika pearls or stones to be helpful as use for talisman or to bring magickal elements into their lives. These items are very interesting and are said to have many virtues and properties that people find helpful and beneficial. They are similar to crystals and other items considered magickal and mystical. Again, whether these types of items hold any magickal power that can enhance your life and improve it, is for you and you alone to decide.

Oct 26, 2016 8:06:51 AM By Zahir Karbani Mani Zone


Manizone Purveyors of Fine Mustika Pearls & Bezoar Stones

A Look at Practical Magick, Alchemy Magick and Fairy Magick

While various types of magick are very well known and talked about three types of magick are somewhat less well known. These three types are practical magick, alchemy magick and fairy magick. They are practiced the world over and many find them to be fascinating as well as fun and useful. This article will talk about each of the three in turn and explain a little about their various uses and unique charms and influence with those who practice them.

Practical magick is essentially a natural method of performing magick spells and magick. Rather than being other worldly, difficult to understand and far fetched, it is useful and abides by the laws of the feminine. Practical magick often uses various herbs, rites and rituals that have been practiced throughout the ages by witches in time honored traditions. The seasons, the Earth, nature and the moon and sun play important roles in the use of practical magick. For instance many spells cannot be preformed unless the moon is full, waxing or waning or should be cast during certain seasons such as Autumn or during the Winter or Summer solstice. Using the power of the earth produces amazing results and is considered the most natural way to involve oneself with magick and magickal practices. Practical magick is also the subject of a novel of the same name which was later turned into a movie starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidmann. If you are interested in magick in general you may want to investigate practical magick and the various intricacies of this art in further depth.

Alchemy magick is very ancient, never-the-less very few people who have heard of or even practice magick have ever heard of this form of mysticism. Alchemy is considered both a form of magick as well as a type of ancient science. During its inception it included the in depth study of nature as well as philosophical and spiritual disciplines; in this regard it is similar to practical magick in that it uses nature as its basis of investigation and practice. Alchemy magick has its roots in Egyptian and Greek cultures of the seventieth century. It is considered one of the oldest forms of magickal and spiritual practices known to civilized man. Some ancient alchemists were very devoted to the idea that common materials could be turned into gold and attempted this with great vigor. Other respected alchemists were more devoted to the study of nature and specifically the composition of minerals, rocks and metals found in the Earth. During the Middle Ages a strong movement concerning alchemy magick and spirituality began to evolve. It was during this time that alchemists from all over the world, particularly in Europe, began to search for a substance called the Philosopher’s Stone. This high profile alchemy magick was said to increase the owner’s knowledge of alchemy magick, amplify their spiritual understanding and, most interestingly, give eternal life to any who drank from it. Alchemy magick is very interesting and worth learning more about.

Fairy magick is the last topic of discussion in this article. Fairy magick is certainly the most imaginative and fun of the three. Fairies are nothing new to those who are interested in mystical creatures and lore. Many cultures throughout the world have spoken, written about and created art that depict fairies and their special brand of magick. The Irish culture and Celtic traditions are often heavily steeped with fairy lore and history of fairy magick. While many people in modern culture are familiar with fairies, fairy magick is somewhat less well known to the masses. It was and is a common belief amongst many people that fairies would provide wishes and offer magickal aid to those who sought it from them. There is a considerable amount of Celtic lore on the subject of winning over a fairy so that she will gladly give forth her magick to kind and decent people. This type of magick is as intriguing as practical magick and alchemy magick is and well worth investigating further.

Mustika pearls are often used in these three types of magick and there are various specimens that are specifically for the purpose of deepening ones interest in practical magick, alchemy magick and fairy magick. They are stunning objects and many find them fun and useful items to have to spark the imagination fully.

Oct 26, 2016 8:03:50 AM By Zahir Karbani Mani Zone

Recently, the number of miraculous magickal items gifted to adepts by Nature has been on the increase. So what is our relationship with faeries and nature spirits, and why is this so important? To understand this, we need to look at our place in the scheme of creation.

We all begin our journey as pure awareness, at one with the source. As we separate and descend into time and space, there are many layers we descend through. First, in the pre-conceptual, the One divides into 50 archetypal energies. As these encounter resistance, they give form to the many Gods and Goddesses. From here, the ethers are created. The ethers encounter further resistance, in the form of belief, thought, attitude and identity, which determines function, and finally, form. The World of form can have many parallel Worlds, created by a different set of boundaries in the ethers. The ethers also combine synergistically to create something that is more than the sum of its parts, that we call the Spirit of Nature, that gives rise to magick that penetrates all these parallel Worlds.

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Mani Zone is a progressive business based in and operated out of the UK. For years, we’ve made it our mission to immerse ourselves in the study and practical applications of metaphysics and occult practices. Our specialty lies in Mustika pearls and bezoar stones.

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The word occult for many years has carried with it a stigma of ominous dealings and dark forces, but in reality the word occult simply means “hidden,” or “secret.” It has also come to mean “knowledge of the paranormal,” and “a knowledge of hidden things.” Because many dark magic practices were often carried out in secret, the term came to define this type of activity, however, these practices were and are practiced in secret due to the misconceptions many had about what the occult was and is. While many of the spiritual principals of the occult are still kept under a cloak of mystery, the true nature of it’s roots in paganism and nature based philosophies are now more well known, and thus, less frightening to the general public. Occult practices are ancient and modern as well. Many occult practices and occult power is passed from person to person, and these teachings are not widely available for public view and consumption. While this does lend the occult a flavor of mystery, it by no means deems it evil or unsavory. In fact, most occult practices are spiritually based and stress doing “no harm” to others. For instance Wicca, a religion often associated with the occult, staunchly follows the “Rule of Three,” which basically states, that whatever you do to another will return to you three-fold. Many believe that because occultists rely on various occult symbols, tools and rituals that it must somehow be questionable. However, most, if not all, religions have their own form of symbols, rituals and tools that are used to aid the practice of the religion in question. Additionally, most religions have some “secret” or occult aspect that is not widely known or shared within the general public. Divination as it is practiced in Christianity could be considered occult as the activity is not broadcast to the masses and is often done in secret. Likewise, the study of Kabbalah is cloaked in secrecy and taught to only a chosen few individuals within the Jewish community.

Occult power, as it is defined, simply means any power that comes from a knowledge or understanding of paranormal sources. This could mean the occult power that comes from knowing how to cast a spell, or it could mean occult power that comes from crystals, wands, mustika pearls or Tarot cards. Occult power varies from person to person. Some occultists have a great deal of occult power that has come from years of practice, while others, new to the study, may have occult power to a lesser extent. The only way to accumulate occult power is to study some form of occult practices and learn how to use the tools of the trade.

Occult symbols carry a substantial amount of occult power. The pentagram is one of the most powerful occult symbols known and has been used for thousands of years in the practice of the occult. The pentagram is simply a five pointed star that is drawn for various uses and has its roots in ancient Greece. Most believe that this occult symbol should be drawn with the topmost triangle pointing upwards towards the heavens in order to bring good forces into being. An inversed pentagram is considered very unlucky, and in some cases even evil. In occult practices the pentagram is usually depicted within a circle. The circle itself is an occult symbol and offers protection as in those drawn around the members of a coven or around an individual who is meditating or spell casting.

If you have interest in occult power, occult practices and occult symbols then you may be interested in mustika pearls as they have a distinct occult power all their own that many find fascinating. They are used in the same manner as crystals, gems and stones, but have the benefit of the elements of Earth, fire, water and air being their source of origin.

Sep 10, 2016 6:27:07 AM By Zahir Karbani Mani Zone
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