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The Ayam Cemani is the direct descendent of the Gallus, Gallus, the Wild Red Jungle Fowl of India and was crossed with the Bankivoid game hen. Their plumage is nearly all black. They are magnificent looking birds with extravagant plumage and a dignified stance. They symbolize formidable bearing.

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Oct 5, 2016 6:02:10 AM By bassfeen bassfeen Ayam, Cemani, Gallus, Magick, Rituals, Magic, Protection, black, Chicken, , Shamanic Animal Totem
The Bear has many myths and legends surrounding it. They have played an enormous role in the Native American Indian culture and their skins were often used for protection from the cold in the form of coats and blankets; their claws were used for making jewelry and necklaces and their heads provided masks for Shaman. Native Americans believe that the Bear has strong medicine magic and many tribes consider bears to be Shaman themselves. They are known to American Indian tribes and their Shamans as “Keeper of Medicine” because they keep all the ancient healing secrets of the Indians and the spirits of the Earth.Read More
Oct 5, 2016 5:59:53 AM By bassfeen bassfeen Bear, Animal, Power, Totem, bear, Shamanism, Totems, Shamanistic, Shamanic Animal Totem

The tiny Bee is very well respected in the human world. They are the makers of Honey which nourishes and feeds us and adds sweetness to our lives. Mead or Honey wine is the Ambrosia of the Gods and as many romantic connotations. There are many legends and fold lore stories surrounding the Bee. The Bee Totem is a universal symbol of diligence obedience and the work ethic. Many cultures see the Bee as the messengers of the Gods and a symbol of the human soul. They are the totems of Saint John and Saint Ambrose. They have shown up repeatedly in Egyptian hieroglyphics and are analogous to Royalty to their culture. The bee was said to have been created from the tears of Ra, the father of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. In Mediaeval Europe the Bee was said to have come from the tears of Christ. In Greece Bees where thought to be the surviving souls of the priestesses who served the Goddess of love, Aphrodite. Native American Indians believe that Bees represent immortality and selflessness. The Celts called the Bee Beach and they were considered to be single-minded and fearless in protecting their hives.

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The jungle will never see a more noble and graceful creature than the tiger. This animal has been respected and revered throughout the ages by ancient and modern Indian tribes, Buddhist monks and Chinese shaman who understand the true influence these creatures’ posses. They are strong, sensual animals that own many admirable virtues.Read More
The Owl Totem indicates magic and omens, knowledge and of course, great wisdom. They are creatures of the night and the moon. Owls figure into many myths and legends. They have many names in many cultures; the American Indian tribe, the Cherokee’s called them Uguuk, the Russians Sovah, and the Ecuadorians call them Huhua. They are the spirit and animal totem of Athena the Goddess of Wisdom and she was often portrayed with an Owl perched upon her shoulder.Read More
Oct 5, 2016 5:53:29 AM By bassfeen bassfeen Owl, Totem, Spiritual, Wisdom, Meditation, Life, Styles, Shamanic Animal Totem

The Whale Totem symbolizes, the power of the Sea, deep intuition, ancient knowledge, strength and grace and mystical communication. Wales have been the inspiration of many songs, myths, books, poems, paintings, drawings and movies. The Whale is the worlds largest mammal they are very family orientated like their land counterpart the Elephant. Whales can be found in oceans all over the world. They belong to the same family as dolphins and porpoises and possess the same ability as their smaller cousins to communicate with each other trough sounds, vibrations and songs.

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Oct 5, 2016 5:51:44 AM By bassfeen bassfeen Sri Tima Mani, Whale, Pearl, Geliga, Mutya, Vedic, Gemstones, Shamanic Animal Totem

The skies will never see a more noble and graceful creature than the Eagle. This animal has been respected and revered throughout the ages by ancient and modern Indian tribes and their Shaman. These tribes who are so connected to the elements and the Earth understand the true influence these creatures’ posses. They are powerful, legendary animals that own many admirable virtues.

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Oct 5, 2016 5:49:40 AM By bassfeen bassfeen Eagle, Animal, Power, Totem, Eagle, Pearls, Mustika, Stones, Shamanic Animal Totem

The Dragon has so much mystique, lore and legend surrounding it, that it is impossible to describe them all them all with any brevity. This mighty and noble creature has been the inspiration of an immeasurable quantity of books, poems, songs, artwork, paintings and movies. Man has never lost his interest in Dragon mythology and lore. In fact, rather than interest in this creature slowing down over thousands of years, it has only increased. The likeness of the Dragon can be found in a varied and innumerable selection of art, jewelry, statues and clothing. Few are immune to the mystery and lure of the elusive and majestic Dragon. Many cultures and tribes recognize the Dragon as the magical and majestic creature it is and either honor and respect it or fear and evade it. One thing is for certain the Dragon is one of the most fascinating and mysterious of all the Totems, as well as one of the most magically powerful.

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Oct 5, 2016 5:47:54 AM By Zahir Karbani dragon, animal, totem, dragon, pearls, dracon, magick, mustika, Shamanic Animal Totem

The Golden Carp is considered a very auspicious Totem in ancient and wise Eastern cultures. Many interesting and well known Eastern legends surround this blessed fish. One legend in particular tells that if the Golden Carp swims against the currents and leaps over the waterfall it will turn into a Celestial Dragon, one of the most honored, and respected Dragons in Eastern culture. Another legend says that the Golden Carp who fights the currents to leap over the waterfall will be granted eternal life. The Golden Carp is also a symbol of wealth, prosperity and success, and its likeness can be found in many places throughout the East. The Golden Carp is used to adorn textiles, plates and murals. Statues or likenesses of the fish are often displayed in Temple Gardens, public parks, and private estates. The Golden Carp symbol can also be found inside many homes and prosperous places of business.

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The Heron Totem teaches us to be aggressive in pursuit of our needs and desires. They also instruct us in the ability to care for ourselves and be unwavering in this task. The Heron has a very long neck and long legs; they are of medium to large in size in the family of the Egrets. They have a decorative plume upon their heads which distinguish them from others in their species. They are solitary birds and live in marshes and shallow water. They mostly dine on frogs, fish and insects. They are very intelligent and thoughtful birds and are very self-determined.

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