Modern day shaman from all over the world use some type of crystal, stones or rocks in their healing practices. Shamanic Gems are also very popular. There are abundant ways to use crystals and Shamanic Gems for healing. Whether they are being utilized by the individual or administered by a healer one of the most popular methods to obtain healing benefits from gems and crystals is by wearing them on the body in the form of crystal jewelry or crystal pendants which can be purchased pre-set onto chains. Some shaman purchase or make silk or cotton “crystal sacks” that may be filled with any combination of small gems and worn around the neck by the patient (under the clothing) for one or several days at a time. The gems are then removed and cleansed before re-use. Shaman Crystal Stones Rocks are also used for healing via this method: immerse one or several crystals or gems in purified water for a short time; the charged water is then consumed in small quantities throughout the day or used to bath or shower with. Healing crystals can also be directly added to the bath water in which the person wishing to be healed will soak for a half hour or more to absorb the properties of that specific stone or combination of stones. Yet another method is to place the stones upon the body at vital points or chakra areas to enhance balance and energy flow. The art of chakra crystal healing is a science unto itself and is quite involved. To read more about chakra crystal healing click here. No matter how shaman crystal stones rocks and Shamanic Gems are used for healing, it is vital that they are properly cleansed for at least twenty-four hours after each use to rid them of any absorbed negativity. It is also suggested that you do not allow anyone but yourself to handle your personal crystal healing stones unless you are a qualified healer and have purchased them for the sole purpose of healing others.

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