Mustika for the Chakras

by Zahir Karbani

Chakra balancing is a wonderful art form that has held the interest of humankind for centuries. New Age practitioners are particularly interested in this metaphysical form of self-improvement. For many years crystals have been used to balance the chakras to great success. More frequently, however, Chakra healers have been using mustika pearls in the same manner and have been experiencing even greater success with balancing and healing. The mustika pearl is used in the precise same manner as crystals. Pearls possessing specific chakra traits, directions of the compass, animal or element virtues or particular chakra colors are placed in the area in need of balancing for a short time to open up the unbalanced area. This is usually done in several short sessions until the chakra or chakras in question are in complete balance with the others.

Mustika pearls may also be used for healing damaged chakras. Mustika pearls are used in the same way that crystals are in healing the chakras. Their various hues and elements may be matched up with the elements represented by each chakra. For instance, the tailbone or root chakra’s element is the Earth so an excellent Mustika pearl for this chakra would be an Earth Dragon pearl, a mountain pearl, or one of the many plant pearls, since they come from the Earth. The second chakra is associated with water, thus Water Mustika pearls, dew pearls or those from sea creatures such as fish and sea serpents would be perfect choices for cleansing and healing this area. The navel chakra is represented by fire, thus a Fire Dragon pearl would work very well. The heart chakra is adjoined with air, Air Dragon pearls are not only beautiful, but they represent this chakra precisely. Another great alternative for Air Dragon pearls are cloud pearls, lightening pearls and thunder pearls; these all provide power and force in healing the chakras.

The art of Chakra balancing and healing and its natural association with the balance and well-being of the human body is undeniable for many metaphysicians and New Age practitioners; the use of Mustika pearls can aid the chakra healing and balancing process by enhancing, amplifying and balancing the natural forces which reside within. They are an innovative addition to the world of metaphysics and although they have existed for thousands of years, their power in metaphysics is only now being tapped for full benefit. They are great compliments to this non-invasive form of healing and well worth trying as an alternative to crystals or in conjunction with them along with scent therapy. They are also perfect for matching up with the colors of each individual chakra in color therapy. The pearls come in a wide array of colors, each of which can be matched with the seven chakra colors.

This article was published on Thursday 12 July, 2007.