Mustika Dreaming

by Zahir Karbani

The dreams we have are as vast and complicated as the human mind is itself. It is common knowledge that taking a closer look at our dreams will give us insight into our deepest emotions and thought processes. Therapists and psychologists have been using dream therapy for decades with great successes. Analyzing your dreams will clearly help you work through issues you may be having in your waking life and point to directions you can take to improve your life. As with crystals and gems, many swear by the use of Mustika pearls to bring about prophetic dreams, problem solving dreams or dreams that reach deeper into the sub-conscious mind to find creative inspiration.

There are a large variety of mustika pearls for this type of dream analysis and “therapy.” It is helpful to find the right pearl for the goals you are trying to achieve or the problems you are trying to solve in your life. Once you have found the pearl or pearls that you believe will benefit you, keep it in the place where you sleep for a short time to allow the energy of the pearl to permeate your sleeping space. To use Mustika pearls for in depth dream analysis, simply place the pearl of choice under your pillow before going to bed at night. Be sure to place a notepad and pen on a nearby table. Upon waking in the morning grab your paper and pen and record all the dreams you can remember, even if they seem strange or disjointed, write every detail down. This is a very important aspect of dream analysis; if you do not write them down upon waking, most dreams will literally slip from your mind and be forgotten within a very short time. Later, when you have some quiet time, read over the dream(s) you recorded and see if you can obtain answers to some of your questions in them.

Another good method for solving problems or finding creative inspiration with dreams is to write down and think about the problem you are having, or the idea you need right before going to bed. Again, you can place a mustika pearl beneath your pillow and be sure to record any dreams you remember upon waking. You will be surprised and amazed at how swiftly your sub-conscious mind can find simple, logical answers to most difficulties. Often, during our waking hours, we are far too distracted and overwhelmed by our troubles or dilemmas to puzzle out logical solutions to them. However, while we are sleeping, our minds are free from distraction and thus, this is the perfect time to “think.” Most people do not procure the benefit of this simple mythology because most of us don’t keep track of what our sub-conscious is working out for us—we don’t write them down, and we forget. So, recording what you dream is a key element to using dream analysis for life improvement, problem solving and finding creative inspiration.

This article was published on Thursday 12 July, 2007.