Mustikas for Meditation

by Zahir karbani

People have been using meditation as a form of self-discovery and improvement for centuries. All religions extol the virtues of meditation; Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hindu, Islam and Wicca are only a few organized religions that incorporate this practice into their study. The ability to clam the mind and still the emotions brings great benefits, and in some cases enlightened thinking and living. Some people meditate according to the guidelines of their particular religious training or knowledge, others do so with crystals and mustika pearls. To meditate with mustika pearls is not very different than any other form of meditation; there are various methods of using the pearls to aid in guided visualization mediation which will be outlined within this article. Those who teach meditation and guided visualization would do well to investigate the uses of mustika pearls for these applications.

First and foremost, do not worry too much about having the perfect form initially. As you progress and are able to meditate for longer periods of time, your form will improve. If you find you need assistance, contact a meditation teacher to help you get the technique perfected. The simplest way to meditate with mustika is to first find the right pearl for your needs. There are different types for different uses and you should find those that are best for your current needs, whether it be personal improvement, psychic protection, creative energy, or claming influence, there is a mustika pearl that will fit your needs. Once you have obtained the perfect pearl you should set aside at least ten minutes of uninterrupted time in a quiet room, free of distractions. Sit on the floor or on a pillow, if you are able to cross your legs, Indian style then do so, if you are physically incapable of this simple sit with your legs stretched out before you. Hold the mustika pearl in your hands, and focus your attention on the floor before you. Do not close your eyes, but let your eyelids be relaxed. Focus on your breath, be aware of each inhalation of air into your lungs and then out of your lungs. As intrusive thoughts come to your mind, let them flow by you like a breeze, don’t hold onto disturbing thoughts, let them simply melt away. At this point you may simply continue to focus on your breath or you may focus on one problem or thought that you find important. Be still and continue in this manner for at least ten minutes. As you progress, try to meditate for longer and longer periods of time.

Another method is to use mustika for guided visualization. Select a pearl that has virtues you would like to possess to meditate with. For instance, if you desire the prowess and agility of the White Tiger, select a White Tiger Pearl, if you would like to have freedom, strength and power like a Dragon then select one of the many Dragon pearls. With your pearl in hand assume the meditative position mentioned above. Hold the pearl in your hand and focus your thoughts on the element of the pearl. If it is a dragon pearl, focus on the strength and magnificence of such a creature, imagine that mythological entity in your mind and further imagine that you are one with the spirit of it. Imagine that you also possess the virtues the Dragon possess. Try to sustain guided visualization for at least five minutes per meditation session. Once you are able to sit for five minutes without distraction or fidgeting, then increase the time you spend doing this a little at a time. You may find that, over a short time, you will feel the virtues of the particular pearl you are working with has entered your life and you will benefit from having added these qualities into your own personality.

This article was published on Thursday 12 July, 2007.