Mustika Pearl Rings

by Zahir Karbani

Mustika pearls come in a large variety of sizes, shapes, colors and energies. They are lovely on their own, but also may be used to make stunning rings to be worn on any finger of the hand. Some perfect mustika for ring making purposes are the smaller specimens such as: small spider pearls, Tarantula pearls, Owl pearls, small Golden Carp pearls, Pomegranate, small Honey pearls, small Bee Hive pearls, small Sea Pearls and small Dew pearls. While most of these also come in large sizes you may be fortunate enough to find the smaller ones for purchase which may then be made into exquisite rings. Each pearl has its own properties and abilities, such as bringing good luck, increasing personal charisma and charm, influencing wealth or good fortune and/or offering personal protection from negative outside forces. The best way to select which pearl will bring you the most benefit is to look over the available selection and choose the one that draws you the most. The quantity of the most sought after types of mustika pearls vary greatly from day to day as they are acquired with difficulty and sold frequently and quickly. Once you have obtained the perfect pearl for yourself or your client there are two options for making it into the perfect mustika pearl ring.

The easiest and most often used method is to find a good jewelry maker to set the mustika pearl for you. These professionals can fit the stone into a setting that will enhance its beauty and inner glow. Crystal jewelry makers are an excellent option as they are familiar with the special properties that these types of items possess and can set them so that they work to their best benefit. Another option is to create a ring yourself using a purchased setting or by making one from materials obtained from jewelry making stores or Web sites. Jewelry making supply companies offer a wide array of wires, settings, tools and complementary beads for sale with which you can create your very own mustika pearl ring.

Whether you decide to have your perfect mustika pearl set for you by a jewelry or jewelry maker or you venture to make your own, you will obtain a great deal of pleasure and a variety of other benefits from this unique and beneficial piece of jewelry. Mustika pearls have been in existence for thousands of years and have been used by many in the New Age field for various applications, however, their uses for jewelry is a relatively new art. The demand for a means of displaying mustika pearls in the same way that crystals, gems and stones have been throughout the ages has inspired owners to apply the pearls in this manner. Mustika pearls have opened an entirely innovative New Age aspect to the art of wearable “energy” and personal enhancement once only reserved for crystals, rocks and gems. They are a wonderful option for creating and owning something that is truly all your own as each mustika pearl is as individual as its owner.

This article was published on Thursday 12 July, 2007.