Recently, the number of miraculous magickal items gifted to adepts by Nature has been on the increase. So what is our relationship with faeries and nature spirits, and why is this so important? To understand this, we need to look at our place in the scheme of creation.

We all begin our journey as pure awareness, at one with the source. As we separate and descend into time and space, there are many layers we descend through. First, in the pre-conceptual, the One divides into 50 archetypal energies. As these encounter resistance, they give form to the many Gods and Goddesses. From here, the ethers are created. The ethers encounter further resistance, in the form of belief, thought, attitude and identity, which determines function, and finally, form. The World of form can have many parallel Worlds, created by a different set of boundaries in the ethers. The ethers also combine synergistically to create something that is more than the sum of its parts, that we call the Spirit of Nature, that gives rise to magick that penetrates all these parallel Worlds.

Descending consciousness can stop and define itself in any one of these Worlds. If it stops in this material World, it becomes human. If it stops in the ethers, it becomes a Sylph, Salamander, Undine or Gnome, according to which element it identifies itself with. If it stops in the Spirit of Nature it becomes a faerie. All that separates us from these beings is the boundaries we chose at the last stage of our separation. These Worlds interact with each other. The elementals give life to all Nature. The presence of the faerie World causes magick to exist in all Worlds. Whatever system of magick we practice, the Faerie realm makes it possible, whether we acknowledge them or not. This is why so many different Shamans are receiving gifts from Faeries. Whatever their tradition, Faerie gifts provide great magick.

So why would Faeries want to help us? Our Worlds affect each other, and our evolution is intimately connected. Faeries, being extremely magickal, understand this connection. Even though our impact on their World tends to be negative, as the destruction of Nature affects all Worlds, Faeries understand that our mutual evolutions depend on our interaction, so they want to help us evolve, both to save their World from destruction by us, as well as for their own evolution.

Evolution is not automatic, neither is it always upwards. Most modern theories of evolution are based on Prygogines work with open systems. Any system, that is being impacted upon by its environment, can become overwhelmed if the outside influences become too complex. At that point, the system will break down and re-organize, into a new form that can cope with the increased environmental impact. This form is non-linear and non-causal with the form that came before. It can either be more complex or more primitive. This is known as a bifurcation point.

We see this happening in living organisms, when in order to compete more efficiently for survival, it either becomes a more complex being or a more primitive being. When one species competes too efficiently, it is in danger of destroying its environment, and therefore itself. At this point, there is another bifurcation, and the species must again become more primitive or more complex to survive. So you can see that in order to keep evolving, without collapsing into a more primitive form, we need to embrace complexity. This is the gift our parallel Worlds have for each other. Because these beings are all so different in their boundaries, and therefore in their thinking, interaction between them, even to a small degree, produces complexity. So it is only magick and spirituality that ensures mankinds upwards evolution. Left to an entirely materialistic leadership, it will collapse into a primitive state.

We can see this happening already, as the rich squeeze the poor more and more, so that people are becoming homeless and then being forced into really restrictive accommodation and tedious work; and the codex alimentarius is threatening to take away our freedom and destroy our health, forcing everyone into drug dependency.

The way society is going, we are well on the way to a major crisis by 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar. This date is a bifurcation point for the World as a whole. We can either make a great step in evolution, or be pushed into becoming mindless slaves. It is not hard to see that it is going to take a huge push by all spiritually aware people to move this World in the right direction, with much evil to overcome. Our spiritual and magickal work needs to be taken to much more powerful levels. Many of us are struggling to keep our freedom and personal empowerment against the oppression of a greedy and corrupt leadership, and it seems hard enough to manifest our own dreams, let alone help the World. This is why the spiritual realms are giving us so much help suddenly. We need to be able to create much faster than ever before.

There have been a number of powerful new methods appearing in the World lately: Theta magick, which releases old beliefs faster than any previous method, Matrix healing, which uplifts consciousness and connects one to source really fast, to allow miraculous transformation, and Tethatu shamanic healing, which is healing the most incurable illness and taking our magick to new heights, and which was actually taught by the Faeries, and involves being gifted with their magick. These are the technologies we need to be using now to change our reality on time. But what we are concerned about here are mustika pearls; magick stones produced by certain animals and plants in particularly magickal conditions. There are suddenly enough of these being formed to supply all spiritually aware people. They are the most obvious manifestation of the Faerie realms support for us at this time. Many kinds, such as the dragon pearls, being manifested directly from other planes by advanced adepts during their jungle retreats. These pearls can awaken and greatly increase our magick. They are for anyone who wishes to take part in creating a new World, and who desires accelerated growth and manifestation. They are for those who decide to manifest all their needs quickly so they can get on with transforming the World. The more people who work with them, the quicker the World can transform.

Why should they make such a difference? Simply because they come from the Spirit of Nature, which gives rise to all magick! Each mustika pearl has an advanced elemental spirit that has chosen to work with a human to aid their magick. These spirits are intelligent and will find the best ways to empower their keepers. All you need to do is hold it for some time, let it bond with you, and be open to its guidance. When doing any spiritual or magickal work, let it join in. You can sleep with the pearl under your pillow so that it can influence your dreams. It might work quietly, but it will make a difference to all your spiritual efforts. In fact, it will enhance all of your spiritual work, and will learn whatever new methods you are using and help you do them more effectively.

This article was published on Sunday 14 September, 2008.