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A Look at Practical Magick, Alchemy Magick and Fairy Magick

While various types of magick are very well known and talked about three types of magick are somewhat less well known. These three types are practical magick, alchemy magick and fairy magick. They are practiced the world over and many find them to be fascinating as well as fun and useful. This article will talk about each of the three in turn and explain a little about their various uses and unique charms and influence with those who practice them.

Practical magick is essentially a natural method of performing magick spells and magick. Rather than being other worldly, difficult to understand and far fetched, it is useful and abides by the laws of the feminine. Practical magick often uses various herbs, rites and rituals that have been practiced throughout the ages by witches in time honored traditions. The seasons, the Earth, nature and the moon and sun play important roles in the use of practical magick. For instance many spells cannot be preformed unless the moon is full, waxing or waning or should be cast during certain seasons such as Autumn or during the Winter or Summer solstice. Using the power of the earth produces amazing results and is considered the most natural way to involve oneself with magick and magickal practices. Practical magick is also the subject of a novel of the same name which was later turned into a movie starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidmann. If you are interested in magick in general you may want to investigate practical magick and the various intricacies of this art in further depth.

Alchemy magick is very ancient, never-the-less very few people who have heard of or even practice magick have ever heard of this form of mysticism. Alchemy is considered both a form of magick as well as a type of ancient science. During its inception it included the in depth study of nature as well as philosophical and spiritual disciplines; in this regard it is similar to practical magick in that it uses nature as its basis of investigation and practice. Alchemy magick has its roots in Egyptian and Greek cultures of the seventieth century. It is considered one of the oldest forms of magickal and spiritual practices known to civilized man. Some ancient alchemists were very devoted to the idea that common materials could be turned into gold and attempted this with great vigor. Other respected alchemists were more devoted to the study of nature and specifically the composition of minerals, rocks and metals found in the Earth. During the Middle Ages a strong movement concerning alchemy magick and spirituality began to evolve. It was during this time that alchemists from all over the world, particularly in Europe, began to search for a substance called the Philosopher’s Stone. This high profile alchemy magick was said to increase the owner’s knowledge of alchemy magick, amplify their spiritual understanding and, most interestingly, give eternal life to any who drank from it. Alchemy magick is very interesting and worth learning more about.

Fairy magick is the last topic of discussion in this article. Fairy magick is certainly the most imaginative and fun of the three. Fairies are nothing new to those who are interested in mystical creatures and lore. Many cultures throughout the world have spoken, written about and created art that depict fairies and their special brand of magick. The Irish culture and Celtic traditions are often heavily steeped with fairy lore and history of fairy magick. While many people in modern culture are familiar with fairies, fairy magick is somewhat less well known to the masses. It was and is a common belief amongst many people that fairies would provide wishes and offer magickal aid to those who sought it from them. There is a considerable amount of Celtic lore on the subject of winning over a fairy so that she will gladly give forth her magick to kind and decent people. This type of magick is as intriguing as practical magick and alchemy magick is and well worth investigating further.

Mustika pearls are often used in these three types of magick and there are various specimens that are specifically for the purpose of deepening ones interest in practical magick, alchemy magick and fairy magick. They are stunning objects and many find them fun and useful items to have to spark the imagination fully.