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Black Magick Cleansing Ritual & Special 3-Level Metaphysical
Cleansing Ritual Combined

4 Level
Complete Healing & Full Psychic Reading!!

Combined Package with savings of £50.00 !!

Dedicated Black Magick Cleansing Ritual is directed to help individuals who have
been affected by mild or severe black magic attacks, negative magical spells and
black magic curses. We have a proficient Javanese adept who is able to remove
the effects of the curses or attacks. He has the ability to also use a special
type magical defence which will neutralise and destroy the effects, whether they
are of physical or emotional nature. For more information about our Dedicated
Black Magic Removal Ritual, please click here.

As the
Black Magick cleansing ritual solely focuses on the removal of the magical
attacks and psychic effects, or perhaps the removal of negative etheric spirits
and entities. The affected individual is recommended to undergo a special
3-Level healing and cleansing ritual. This spiritual healing is performed
remotely as part of a complementary healing and regeneration process following
such trauma and distress caused from the black magic attacks.

Similarly, if the individual has suffered from demonic possession,
it is vitally important to have such a healing cleansing performed to help with
the regeneration of more positive and divine blessings. The cleansing allows for
the clearing and building of more positive energies into the voids left from the
negative energies which previously inhabited the individual’s body and aura.
This stabilisation allows for a better recovery from such trauma.

offer a very special 3-Level Cleansing Ritual, which focuses on 3 main aspects
which affect us on a daily basis. The powerful 3 tiered combination offered,
allows the skilled adept to cleanse the chakras, clear and maximise flows to 12
standard meridian channels, cleanse the aura field and finally cleanse past life
and past years karmic effects as permitted by higher powers.

package is very beneficial to those people who have suffered from Black Magic
Curses and Black Magic Attacks. It allows for them to be able to ‘start over’ or
‘start afresh’ as this cleansing targets inner body energies, outer body
energies and finally the soul karmic cleansing. The cleansing allows for the
‘psychic’ holes in the aura and energy channels to be cleared and filled with
positivity and blessings, through which prosperous healing and wellbeing can be
gradually achieved. For more details of this cleansing and the 3 types of
healing which have been combined, please click here.

Following the Black Magic Removal, the 3-Level Cleansing Ritual
will help the individual feel more uplifted, as more positive energies have been
implanted into the 3 areas. The flow of energy into the chakras will be
balanced, allowing for total wellbeing. Some changes will be immediate whereas
other changes will gradually occur over time, of up to 60 days.

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