Star Oil Fossilized – A2.1


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Star Oil Fossilised – Blue
Crystal A2.1

exact origin of these pearls remains unknown; however it is believed to have
come from a particular type of large snake. The snake is known as the ‘Star
Snake’, it is known to dip the lowest part of its body, the tail into the
ground. The tail collects thick bodily fluids which is stored at the end of
the tail within the ground. It is said, that when the snake is tampered with,
it detaches this oil and leaves a cocoon/pod of oil in the ground. This oil is
then used in magickal rituals and spells.


have been told these are fossils however, we believe that these maybe the
pearl of the oil, psychometric detection reveals that this pearl is associated
to some magickal healing oil. The pearls contain strong healing energies,
regeneration abilities and magickal powers.


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