We at ManiZone believe in providing the most genuine and authentic pearls. This is why we are dedicated to carrying out several extensive psychic verification scans throughout the acquisition of our pearls.
Our Verification Procedure:
  • The scan mainly done by our business partners in Indonesia, who acquire and deal directly with the suppliers/shamans. These people are committed and are working strictly for Mani Zone to ensure that genuine pearls are selected.
  • Elemental / Spirit Detection

In this detection, our team will follow procedures to accurately derive the following information about the pearls we offer. Each mustika pearl is different and has its own identity. Although this process is extensive, we obtain the most valuable information about each individual pearl at this stage. The following information is derived through the scanning of the pearl:

        • Name of the elemental / spirit
        • Origin of pearl: Tracing its spiritual signature
        • Type of elemental that resides in the pearl(Fire, Water etc etc)
        • Type of power held and specialised by the pearl and elemental
        • How to Increase and use this power successfully (Mantra and Methods)
        • Any other instruction given to us through the psychic scanning by the elemental.
        • The Chakra your stone is connected too and methods to awaken it.
All of the above information about the pearl will be passed onto the buyer, as instruction papers, to encourage optimised and accurate usage of the pearls.
Mani Zone would like to present information in its utmost honesty. This is why we will advise that the animal totem virtues / powers on site are guidelines. Not all pearls possess every power listed under its description. The report from the detection will be given to you regarding your specific pearl and the virtues and powers specific to that pearl. At times, you may notice, you could have more unique powers than mentioned in our general literature about that type of pearl.
Please share your experiences with us and any other powers or virtues you feel you may have gained through practice. The virtues or powers are not easily obtainable, only through dedicated and lengthy practice will you be able to obtain and possess part or majority of the power within your pearl. If you are already skilled in the occult arts then it may be easier for you to detect its powers and obtain and acquire them more quickly. The virtues and powers of the pearl will not make you super human. Any powers gained are solely by the grace of God, and by the elemental spirit of the pearl deeming you ready to receive such powers.
Our verification procedure is presented to you to give you peace of mind, whilst browsing through our site. And also for our equanimity, good will and gesture of our business practise. Despite long standing loyalty and reliability of our sources and psychic partners, it is simply the conduct of our business that the pearls we provide are checked as much as possible to ensure what we provide to our customers is of the highest quality, true identity and from the most authentic origin.